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Joël Zobel lives and works in Martinique.
After "Hats", melancholic reading of a relaxed rhythm of life through the headgears of the public attending in the " Tour of Skiffs 2000 ", he amazes the amateurs of photography during the first market of Contemporary Art of Le Marin in 2002 with a series of clichés of red bamboo, lacquered works as one furnishes,what confers them an aspect similar to that some ceramic. The end of 2003, he exposes " Accords d´Eole " in Atrium of Fort-de-France, extremely graphic, almost pictorial visions of details of accordions, and participle simultaneously on a photographic meeting around the subject " 7 major sins " in the gallery Foyalaise Arts Pluriels.
It is the occasion for Joël Zobel to dash into an infographique bet which is going to seize all those who knew his work. He diverts paintings of ancient bosses such David or Caravage, into whom he inserts elements which he photographed to bend the sense. Corpus, corpum, puts into series that he presents us today joins in his pleased. This return to basics seems to correspond to a need of purge, simplicity. To go to the main part, it is one of the challenges the most difficult there to raise.
Corpus, subject body - Corpum, body object, as well as will have noted it the latinists. While seeing a friend brewing in big rhythmic gestures, the flour of manioc on platinum ardent, the envy was born. The body in the work, in full action, the body movements, the set of muscles alternating curved and contrecourbes in a natural choreography incited the artist to isolate the body of its context. The subject body becomes then body object, object of a plastic research.

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